Ko Bi Do Facial Japanese Massage

Ko Bi Do, nor Kobido, is a Japanese facial massage known for its natural lifting effects. Performed on a regular basis, this facial massage stimulates the preservation of the youthfulness of the face by reducing wrinkles, firming the contours of the face and restoring radiance to your skin. The technique has been inspired by the Anma movement used in chinese massages.


Indeed, Ko Bi Do technique has been developped in 1472 in Japan, after the empress asked for a face massage in order to maintain its beauty and youth. Two Anma Masters competed to know who used the best technique. After several months, they were still no winner. The two masters decided to join their force to found the Ko Bi Do house. This house became a private place of relaxation and beauty dedicated to the imperial family.


Ko Bi Do technique is passed on from Master to pupil since 26 generations. The last known Master at this time is Doctor Mochizuki. According to him, Ko Bi Do means "Ancestral Way of Beauty".




Benefits of Ko Bi Do


The Ko Bi Do facial massage is recommended for skin prone to aging and showing signs of fatigue and swelling.


The Japanese treatment Ko Bi Do is recognized for these positive effects on the skin and the general well-being of the person:


- Firming of wrinkles and pores,
- Purification, cleansing and hydration of the skin,
- Stimulation and balance of lymphatic circulation,
- Deep relaxation at the physical and mental level.


Ko Bi Do at TMED


The Ko Bi Do facial massage at TMed is practiced by the therapist with great experience in therapeutic massage and well-being, Anna Markina Bochatay.


Ko Bi Do can be practiced with various oils such as rosehip oil, almond oil nor argan oil. Our specialist will select the oil depending on your age and your skin quality. The treatment begins with the cleansing and the seaplane of the face and trapezius area.


The massage consists of kneading and rhythmic and gentle sliding over the skin in the trapezius, face and head area. These techniques stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation by helping your body to detoxify and absorb oil more efficiently.


The Ko Bi Do is practiced in the cabinet with the shower and everything you need to refresh yourself after the treatment if you wish. We also provide you with a hairdryer.


Following the treatment, we invite you to spend a moment of relaxation in our waiting room, enjoying an herbal tea or other hot drink.


To obtain visible aesthetic effects, it is recommended to first follow the series of 8 to 10 massages, once or twice a week. Then, in order to maintain the result, it is recommended to do the Ko Bi Do 1 or 2 times a month.


We invite you to make an appointment with Anna Markina Bochatay for your first Ko Bi Do massage session.

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