Interactive seminars with the hypnotherapist Nikola Stoyanovitch (in FR)

TMed invites you to the series of interactive seminars with our hypnotherapist Nikola Stoyanovitch.


Nikola has been practicing for more than 5 years using the latest advances in neuropsychology, social engineering, quantum psychology, applying the basic knowledge of all hypnosis techniques, as well as he uses his own techniques which he developed during his professional career.


Nikola helps his clients to break free from phobias, denial of abundance, addiction, depression, burnout, health problems, fears, insomnia, loneliness, and much more.


He invites you to participate in 5 seminars over a tea on a Thursday evening per month. You will listen to a conference on a theme of the day then participate in the discussion and work on problematic subjects.


Dates and themes:

27.02 - Relations

19.03 - Health

30.04 - Family

14.05 - Money and finance

18.06 - Hypnotherapy: how it works and what are its effects




On February 27 we will start with the subject “Relationships”


  1. What is a relationship?
  2. Types of communication (friends, friends, opposite sex, colleagues, supervisors, subordinates, parents, family, which affects the relationship)
  3. Perception (reaction, behavior, feeling): Our perception determines our quality of life; relationships and perception - this is the process of obtaining information about the world, actions, feelings based on personal experience, innate programs, attitudes.
  4. Self-esteem (advantages and disadvantages, my "I" - my reaction, my "EGO" - my feelings, acceptance and analysis of the situation, thoughts, feelings, actions, how do I want to feel in this relationship?)
  5. Psychological boundaries (three types of boundaries (fuzzy, impenetrable, healthy), "Comfort zones")
  6. Act without anxiety (get out of the “comfort zone” (fear, suspense, stress, information, progress)
  7. What prevents us from setting the necessary boundaries and expanding our comfort zone (fears (loneliness, loss, rejection), desire to gain love, fear of conflict and the anger at another person, guilt, fear to hurt another person)
  8. Ways to build boundaries. It is necessary to change negative feelings, fears and then perceptions, thoughts, actions and attitudes will change.
  9. The manifestation of love for me and for others

February 27, 2020

18:30 - 20:00

CHF 20


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