If the effectiveness of traditional medicines and holistic health have convinced you, TMed offers personalized packages tailored depending of your physical, mental and mental conditions.

These packages can be adapted to all types of profiles, whether you are suffering from an illness, whether you are recovering or simply want to return to a healthier lifestyle.

Depending on your symptoms and / or your pathology, TMed directs you to either traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine. You then meet with one of our specialists in Chinese medicine or Ayurveda to make a diagnosis of your state of health.

Once your profile has been analyzed, the therapist will prescribe a certain number of treatments to be followed within the center. At the same time, he gives you nutrition and lifestyle advices to integrate into your daily life rutine in order to improve your health condition over the long term.

In Chinese medicine, the possible treatments are: acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina massage, Chinese pharmacopoeia and cupping therapy. These treatments are often accompanied by Qigong lessons, a Chinese technique which consist to meditate while doing slow and soft movements.

In Ayurveda, treatments are mainly based on Ayurvedic oils and massages such as: Abhyanga, Shiradhora, Kansu bowl massage, Udvartana, etc. Besides that can also be prescribed courses of meditation, pranayama or yoga.

The formats and duration of the packages are defined according to your availability. Two cases come up regularly:

- Intensive package: intensive treatment over several consecutive days (1 or 2 weeks),
- One-off package: treatment over a defined period with treatments to be followed on an ad hoc basis (every week / month).

The price varies from person to person because the package is personalized according to your state. Other subscriptions are flexible according to your demand.

Once your package is complete, you can keep consulting our therapists to ensure long-term follow-up. Consultations can then be done or face-to-face or remotely through online videocalls.

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