Terms & Conditions



For group classes, reservations (always subject to availability) as well as cancellations must be made no later than 12 noon the day before the course in question; for any subsequent cancellation, the course will be fully charged or charged to the subscription.


For classes or personal care, any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the service will be charged 100%.


TMED reserves the right to cancel a course or treatment, collective or individual. In such a case, the customer will naturally be able to register for a new course or treatment, identical or equivalent, but a prepaid service will not be reimbursed.





For any subscription, its duration will be decisive before the number of courses or services in principle included.


The duration of a subscription can be extended, and unused courses or services during its period of validity, including as a result of cancellation by TMED, can not be reimbursed.





The client understands and agrees that a treatment or therapy, including individual or group classes, even in a state of art and followed to the letter, can not guarantee any results.


So that the care or the therapy can nevertheless take place under the best possible conditions, the customer undertakes to answer in a complete way to all questions that can be put to him by his therapist, including by means of ad hoc written questionnaires.


The client understands that it is particularly important that he informs, if necessary spontaneously and input, his therapist about all other therapies that the client would follow next to that to be dispensed within TMED, to avoid any interference or complications.


The client understands and accepts that a treatment or therapy that he has chosen may be accompanied by advice or prescription from the therapist, that it is important that the client follow scrupulously.


The client understands and agrees that any treatment or therapy may cause side effects such as fatigue or diarrhea. Should these effects persist, or if others should occur, the client will promptly notify TMED.






Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase.



If a gift certificate is for a defined benefit that would no longer be available by TMED, or no longer available before the expiration date of a year, the recipient will be responsible for the gift of the gift certificate in exchange for a other benefit of his choice.




Food products and cosmetics sold by TMED will not be returned or exchanged once their packaging is open, except apparent defect and in any state only on presentation of the receipt or the invoice.






By entering into a subscription, registering for a course, reserving a treatment or therapy, the client agrees to the processing of personal data concerning him.


This data will not be made accessible to third parties outside the center without the client's consent; they will be erased at the request of the client, who nevertheless admits that in such a case, it could compromise the continuation of his care or treatment; the customer will have access to the data concerning him.


TMED, as well as individual providers, are subject to a confidentiality duty of professional secrecy in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, but are not subject to medical secrecy.


TMED, as well as any provider concerned, are immediately authorized to contact the client's doctor and, if necessary, to share with the client any relevant data concerning the client.




In general, in relation to any service (course, treatment, therapies or other services) and any goods dispensed or sold within the framework of its center, TMED will assume no responsibility, whatever the basis, that in case of serious or intentional fault.


The customer understands and accepts in this respect that the liability of TMED as well as any employees, collaborators or service providers working under the Center, regardless of the basis, is limited to the widest extent permitted by applicable law. .




All relations between TMED and the customer are subject to Swiss law.


For any dispute of any kind and basis, the courts of Geneva are exclusively competent.


TMED, ainsi que tout prestataire concerné, sont d’emblée autorisés en cas de besoin à contacter le médecin-traitant du client et à partager avec ce dernier toutes données utiles concernant le client.


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