Hair loss

Although men are more concerned than women with baldness problems, hair loss can affect both genders. The causes are variable and this event can also be the warning sign of a disease. Fortunately, natural medicines can be of great help in dealing with this symptom.


Chinese medicine


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), three causes can be responsible for hair loss. The first is blood circulation. Indeed, in TCM, the hair is "the excess of the blood". If your blood circulates properly in your body and especially in the skull, it feeds your scalp and your hair grows. On the other hand, if something prevents it from circulating properly, you risk potential hair loss. Neck pain, for example, can be a sign of poor blood circulation.

The second cause would be in the kidneys. The kidneys are part of the vital organs that help stimulate our vital "Qi" energy. However, too much stress or anxiety can affect its proper functioning. This weakening then results in hair loss.

Finally, the third cause can be the liver. This is another vital organ which, if affected, can also lead to hair loss. The role of the liver is to ensure the proper circulation of the vital energy "Qi" through our body. However, this circulation can become blocked after an emotional shock and therefore again cause hair to fall out.

In all three cases, traditional Chinese medicine can help, especially through acupuncture. At TMed, you start with a TCM consultation with one of our specialists to analyze your state of health. After their diagnosis, they will be able to understand why you are losing your hair and what they can act on to slow the process, stop it and sometimes even reverse it.

Usually, treatment begins with acupuncture. This technique is used in order to stimulate the areas of the body which create the blockage of hair growth / regrowth and to regulate the circulation of blood and vital energy in the body. Acupuncture can also be accompanied by other treatments such as Chinese pharmacopoeia and nutrition as recommended by the specialist.






Ayurveda also offers effective treatments. Did you know that the Indian people are known to have the best hair quality in the world? In the Indian culture from a spiritual point of view, hair is a symbol of elegance and purity. The Indians then perform many rituals to care for their hair, nourish it and strengthen it.

Therefore, when someone has hair problems, they are immediately considered to be in poor health. Referring to Ayurveda, Indian medicine, the problem then comes from an imbalance of the doshas. If Kapha is predominant, your hair becomes greasy easily. Conversely, if Vata is predominant, your hair is then drier and breaks easily. Finally, if Pitta is the predominant, the hair turns white due to the lack of melanin and risks falling out.

Ayurvedic medicine makes it possible to rebalance these doshas and therefore to offer curative and preventive treatments against hair loss. To do this, she mainly uses treatments based on massages with Ayurvedic oils.

TMed offers this kind of service within its center. Your consultation is carried out by our Vaidya Sajin Philip. Born in India Sajin Philip, he quickly became interested in Ayurveda and acquired ancestral knowledge. Today he is a real expert in this medicine. Our Vaidya will start by making a diagnosis of your state of health. Thanks to this, he can then understand what your problem is.

After his diagnosis, he will prescribe a treatment with the necessary oils. It is then with Anaïs Lesoil, practitioner in Ayurveda, that you will be massaged. It will generally be cranial massages using oils selected according to your condition in order to stimulate the scalp. The goal of is to promote the regrowth of the hair by nourishing it generously. Sometimes the treatment is accompanied by Qigong exercises as well as nutrition and lifestyle advice to improve your daily routine and your well-being.



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