The use of medicinal plants is one of the oldest therapy to maintain a good state of health. It already existed in human prehistory where all the cultures and populations knew plants could help preventing from illness.


Phytotherapy uses the benefits of medicinal herbs and plants to ease physical and psychical troubles in order to encourage self-healing. The plants assets are extracted and transformed into infusion, dye, cream, oils and elixirs and are prescribed depending of your needs.



Floral elixirs


The floral therapy embodies the soulcare conception. It is created by the relationship between the human soul and the nature soul which will balance the body and free the emotional pains.


The illness is a wake up call for the soul. It remembers us that it is necessary to change our internal attitudes, convicitions and preceptions. The floral elixirs act as catalysts in order to support our conscious healing journey.

​Those elixirs are extremely efficient for children problems such as :

- sleeping troubles and night terrors
- learning or adjustment difficulties
- anxiety
- emotion management.


They are also recommended for pregnant women and young mothers.



Mindfulness therapy



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