TMed has currently two subscriptions available :

- Subscribe to 5 sessions and get 5% off,
- Subscribe to 10 sessions and get 10% off.

No matter which one you pick, the subscription can be purchased for the treatment of your choice among all the services offered at TMed. But will only be valid for the selected service.

For example, if someone takes a subscription of 10 sessions for the Ko Bi Do massage, all sessions will be valid only for that treatment.

Fancy a subscription?
1) Select the service you like,
2) Choose the number of sessions that suits you,
3) Contact us to book it!

If, you were rather looking for an offer that put togheter different services, we invite you to take a look at our packages for individuals which are tailor-made according to your request.



This month of january, by one subscription for the year and use it for two people. Get yours now !

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