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People with constipation know how uncomfortable it is and how difficult it is to treat. What is constipation? What are the causes of its occurrence and how to get rid of it using Traditional Chinese Medicine methods?


Constipation is an obstructed, delayed, insufficient bowel movement that occurs within two days.



Causes of constipation


The reasons for constipation can be as follows:


  • mechanical obstacle (swelling, scarring, narrowing of the intestine);
  • cracks in the anus or hemorrhoids (due to pain, a person is forced to restrain the urge to defecate, as a result, the stool becomes very dense, and its exit is very painful and difficult);
  • diseases of the digestive organs (gastritis, colitis);
  • atonic constipation (sedentary lifestyle, weakness of intestinal muscles, irregular diet, low consumption of foods rich in fiber);
  • spastic constipation (mercury, thallium, morphine poisoning, or mental distress).



Symptoms of constipation



This disorder is mainly manifested by the following symptoms:


  • stool retention for 48 hours (or more);
  • bloating and feeling of heaviness;
  • difficulty in evacuating, complicated effort during bowel movements;
  • dry and dense feces, in the form of balls;
  • feeling of not being able to evacuate completely / of emptying completely after defecation.



For people with these symptoms, it is recommended to start treatment as soon as possible. If the person does not act on time, it can lead to chronic constipation, leading to long-term suffering.




Chronic constipation



With chronic constipation, a person's appetite decreases, heartburn, nausea and abdominal pain appear, and intoxication of the body occurs. Oriental medicine believes that constipation is a reaction of the body to incorrect perception of the person and the world around them. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, constipation results from an imbalance between internal energy flows:


    •     internal accumulation of drought - heat;
    •     stagnation and disruption of the free flow of Qi;
    •     lack of Qi, accompanied by impaired transport function;
    •     dryness of the intestines due to lack of blood;
    •     Yang deficiency when Yin is active.



Complications of chronic constipation



Chronic constipation can cause a number of complications, the main ones being: hemorrhoids, enteritis, rectal fissure, rectal prolapse, colon and rectal cancer.



Treatment of constipation



Western medicine treats constipation with laxatives, enemas, and other methods. While these methods help regulate bowel movements, they do not address the causes of constipation.


If you or your loved ones suffer from constipation, do not postpone treatment and do not try to treat the condition on your own, as this can lead to a gradual deterioration of the condition. To determine your causes of constipation and find the right treatment for you, it is important to consult a competent specialist. The specialist will be able to offer you a treatment adapted to your symptoms but also to your condition. The treatments offered by specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine target the cause of the disease and help you find a balance with 100% natural treatments.



Treatments offered at TMed



At TMed, specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine do not treat a disease, but a person. The treatments offered at our center are tailored to the causes and state of health of each person and are 100% natural.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the treatment of constipation in adults and children is based on the following principles: the human body is considered as an integral system in which all organs are inextricably linked. In this regard, constipation is a symptom that indicates that there have been changes in the digestive organs, the nervous system, or that the person's current lifestyle is inappropriate. At TMed, the specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine start by diagnosing the causes of constipation and not only treat the physical body, but also work the psychological problems by adjusting the balance of energies.


When at the first appointment, the Chinese Medicine specialist performs the pulse diagnosis to determine the causes of constipation in you and prescribe the program of treatment adapted to your case.


The following treatments may then be prescribed for you:


By following the advice of specialists in Chinese Medicine you will be able to feel the following improvements:


    •     stool frequency and consistency normalize;
    •     digestive functions are improved;
    •     defecation occurs without tension;
    •     the symptoms of the disease causing constipation are relieved;
    •     complications that can lead to chronic constipation go away.


At Tmed constipation is treated naturally, without the use of chemicals. Our Chinese Medicine specialists will give you recommendations to rebalance your lifestyle and your diet. Treatment is aimed not only at diseased organs, but also at restoring the internal self-regulation of the body as a whole.



TMed's Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists know how to treat constipation without side effects and without harming the body to achieve lasting results.


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