Luxe Ayurveda

This fall, TMed is releasing its new package, Luxe Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic Indian medicine package combines guided meditation and abhyanga full body massage.


Meditation is done with the practice of yoga nidra and uses the technique of bodyscan meditation. It is our yogathotherapist, Régine Hebrard, who guides you during this moment of mindfulness, you will only have to lie down on the massage table and listen to it while closing your eyes. This meditation is used to relieve stress and to clear your head to better condition you to receive the massage afterwards.


After about forty minutes, you will be immersed in deep relaxation which will allow you to welcome the treatment in the most zen way possible. Your guide will then leave his place to the practitioner in Ayurveda, Anaïs Lesoil. The latter will perform between 1h and 1h30 of abhyanga massage according to your desire.


At the end of this treatment, your body and also your head will be completely relaxed. Indeed, both meditation and massage have therapeutic purposes which, combined together, induce a feeling of intense relaxation.


If you are interested in this treatment or have any questions, contact us!

Luxe Ayurveda
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Luxe Ayurveda package

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