Gua Sha face or body Massage

Gua Sha spatula massage originated in Asia and is extremely old, but only recently became known in the West. This ancestral technique occupies an essential place in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In Chinese Gua Sha means "to scratch" or "to scrape" (gua) the "fever" or "disease" (sha).

The principle of traditional Gua Sha massage is to scrape the skin by stimulating the tendino-muscular meridians and acupressure points in various ways in order to unblock blood and energy stasis, harmonize blood and energy circulation, eliminate tension. and relieve joint and muscle pain.

While Gua Sha instruments were traditionally made from wood or cow horn, today they are available in precious stones such as rose quartz, amethyst or jade.

This massage can be done on the whole body or focus on the face only. The Gua Sha of the face is a massage technique with more delicate gestures than for the rest of the body, using a spatula with a more studied shape to perfectly fit the contours of the face offering many benefits...



The benefits of Guasha

- Stimulates blood and energy circulation
- oxygenates the tissues
- energizes the radiance of the complexion
- Decongests, especially dark circles and bags under the eyes
- Drains toxins for healthier, clearer skin
- Smoothes and firms features, for an anti-aging effect
- Relaxes, releases tension and brings well-being
- Facilitates the absorption of treatments and increases their benefits tenfold: Guasha stone is ideal in duo with an organic face oil


In conclusion, Gua Sha spatula massage has not only spiritual, but also aesthetic virtues. The movements carried out by the spatula contribute to the circulation of energies, but also to the blood circulation and that of the lymph. This treatment is therefore both detoxifying and lifting, it reduces wrinkles and brightens the complexion and soothes your skin.


Gua Sha Masterclass


TMed aims not only to improve the health and well-being of its clients, but also to educate them so that they can prolong this state of health and well-being at home for as long as possible. In this case, in order to improve your daily beauty routine, TMed invites you to participate in its Masterclass to learn how to use the Gua Sha spatula yourself at home. This course is led by our massage therapist himself.

Ambroise Munier will show you the simple actions to do at home and give you valuable advice. In addition, at the end of this workshop, you will leave with your own Gua Sha spatula as well as a small policopié recapitulating the basics of Gua Sha.

This Gua Sha Masterclass takes place once or twice a month. To find out about the next dates, visit our events page!

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