Massage 3 in 1 of body extremities

The 3 in 1 auyrvedic massage focuses on the extremities of the body, i.e. the face, hands and feet.


The face


The face is a very sensitive area that must be taken care of. In this Ayurvedic massage, the face is massaged by gentle and constant pressure, going through each part.


The practitioner begins with the forehead, walks towards the brow bone, slides sideways to reach the temples, after which he descends to the level of the cheekbones until touching the chin. It will also focus on the ears as well as the nose, which is a key area of ​​the face to move outward.


Indeed, the movements performed by the masseur are repetitive and are always done from the inside to the outside to follow the energy flow. This technique allows you to sculpt facial features and it is often said that by practicing this Ayurvedic facial massage, the masseur becomes a sculptor.


To glide more easily, the practitioner uses organic axurvedic oil blends. The blends are developed by a Vaidya, an Ayruvéda expert, who takes into account a person's state of health and skin quality to best suit the oils.


The pressures follow each line or hollow of the face and its at times replaced by light pinches or small rotations to stimulate circulation and give you a radiant complexion.

Hands and feet


Indeed, the extremities of the body like the hands and feet are neglected areas. However, they are constantly requested and can be carriers of vital information about our health.


The feet are used all day long and our entire body relies on them. The hands are also continuously active to perform a multitude of actions. These areas can also herald health problems, for example with their appearance in terms of skin color, in terms of their dry or moist texture, or even in terms of their cold or hot temperature. If any of these symptoms recur, then it is important to seek treatment.

The Ayurveda practitioner uses reflexology to treat these areas. It uses the same oils that were selected for the facial massage as these are chosen based on your overall health. The massage helps stimulate these extremities to improve blood circulation in order to eliminate the problems of too hot or too cold extremities. Besides, it also treats pain in other parts of the body. In fact, plantar and palmar reflexologies use acupressure on the hands and feet to reach other organs from a distance.



The 3 in 1 Ayurvedic massage is therefore a very complete massage which can help to settle many disorders thanks to a gentle and relaxing technique. At TMed, this massage is performed by our Ayurveda practitioner Anaïs Lesoil. To make an appointment with her, contact us!

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