OM Chanting

After the success of the first Om Chanting session at TMed, we are announcing a weekly appointment on Mondays at 6:45 pm for Om Chanting and Mantras!


OM Chanting is a group practice that uses the transformative power of the sound OM to activate the self-healing potential of participants. It is a very ancient meditation technique given by the great yogis of the Himalayas.


This practice promotes inner peace, mental clarity, emotional balance and physical health. Om Chanting helps people feel more peace, joy and love in their lives. The practice creates a harmonious environment and unity between people of different cultures and between man and nature.


It is for everyone, no previous experience is required.


After the practice of Om Chanting there will be an introduction to the Atma Kriya Yoga techniques of which Om Chanting is a part.


This class is free, no donation required! The number of participants is limited ! Please, reserve your place !

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