Hawaiian Massage Lomi-Lomi

Lomi Lomi means massaging, touching, rubbing, unraveling, kneading, cradling, releasing, bringing together. A magnificent complete massage, a marvelous journey through the body towards the essential dimension of oneself.

At our center TMed, the Lomi-Lomi massage is performed by the ASCA agregated specialist Marie Berclaz.


The benefits of the Hawaiian Massage


The Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi massage is a beautiful full body and face massage inspired by the Hawaiian shamanic tradition – a massage from the islands, cradled by the smell of an endless ocean and alive like boiling lava escaping volcanoes. It relaxes and invigorates, purifies and nourishes – a ritual of rebirth.

Relaxing, harmonizing and stimulating at the same time, the Lomi Lomi massage is given with the hands, forearms, fingertips, elbows and finger joints, on a musical background of Hawaiian songs. Gestures inhabited alternately by the energies of the four elements, earth, water, fire and air must be fluid and inhabited by mana, breath, the universal energy of life. The well-oiled body is massaged, softened, stretched, kneaded, kneaded, caressed, enveloped, soothed and cared for.

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