Training Buccal Massage

Spiritual Beauty® intraoral massage program

This massage is dedicated to the natural beauty of the face.

This avant-garde fascialist method is very far from the usual beauty techniques. It consists of massaging the muscles of the oral cavity by performing dual internal and external muscular stimulation. For this we use gloves.

We take care of the contour of the mouth (orbicularis oculi) and the nasolabial fold to plump up and blur wrinkles that are difficult to treat in this area.

Using this non-invasive method we provide an immediate response to your customers.

The sensitivity of your touch will be refined by learning these precise and delicate gestures.

Audience :

Qualified beauticians, aesthetics and well-being professionals, people undergoing professional retraining.


Beauticians qualified with the CAP aesthetic or have a fascialist massage technique such as Kobido or a facial modeling massage.

Training objective:

Know how to perform a 30-minute intraoral modeling service

Respect hygiene rules

Acquire the different maneuvers while respecting the physiology and modeling paths

Position your fingers inside the mouth without hurting the client

Identify the muscles on which the modeling acts

Argument on the benefits and advantages of intraoral massage

Duration 2 days

Lesson Plan


Myology: the muscles of the oral cavity and the mucous membrane

the effects of intraoral massage

Contraindications to massage

Demonstration of muscle warm-up techniques

Demonstration and learning of touch with gloves

Learning to palpate the oral cavity

Learning stretching and kneading maneuvers on the orbicularis oculi of the mouth

Work in pairs between practitioner and recipient

Day 2

Demonstration and learning of stretching and kneading maneuvers of the lower orbicularis oculi

Implementation of the global protocol and correction

Pair work

Help in setting up a sales pitch and pricing for care

Final evaluation and training assessment on the acquisition of techniques


Next trainings in 2024:

25-25th of May -  9am - 6pm (1h break)

22-23rd of June - 9am - 6pm (1h break)

Training Buccal Massage
CHF 900

Buccal Massage Training 2 days

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