Acupuncture has been shown to be effective for the treatment of acute pain and other existing symptoms. It is also used to restore energy balance and prevent disease before the first symptoms appear.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the pain is considered to be an indicator of blockage or stagnation of the flow of vital Qi energy. Acupuncture helps normalize the flow of vital energy in the body and restore any energy deficiency.

Benefits of acupuncture

The many virtues of acupuncture help relieve chronic and acute pain. The positive effects can be felt after a few sessions. The use of acupuncture is recommended for the treatment of:


- back pain
- anxiety
- weak immunity
- infertility
- painful periods
- allergies
- respiratory problems
- digestive problems
- eczema
- skin problems
- hormonal problems
- stress and anxiety
- fatigue
- depression
- weight loss
- some cases of oncology
- migraines etc.



Acupuncture is a natural and effective support for women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. During pregnancy, acupuncture sessions help relieve nausea, fatigue, pain, discomfort, mood swings. At the end of pregnancy, acupuncture can help the baby to position properly as well as the gentle and natural stimulation of childbirth. During the postpartum period, acupuncture helps restore balance in a new mom's body, heal her nervous system, rebalance her hormones, regain energy, relieve residual pain and support her emotional state.



Curative and preventive acupuncture


It is better to prevent disease than to cure it. Preventive use of acupuncture helps increase your body's immune defense and self-healing abilities even before the first symptoms appear.

Once you have the first symptoms or an illness has already taken hold, acupuncture is effective in the treatment of acute pain. For chronic pain, acupuncture is a natural support without side effects that helps reduce the gap and frequency of pain.



Acupuncture at TMed


During the 1st consultation, the Chinese Medicine specialist will diagnose your state of health and inquire about your nutrition and lifestyle. The treatment will be adapted to your case and may be accompanied by moxibustion, Chinese massage or cupping.

Following the diagnosis, you will be invited to lie down on the massage table where the acupuncturist will insert the very fine (sterile) needles to stimulate your acupuncture points. The points treated will be selected according to the objectives of your treatment.

Once the needles are in place, you can rest for 20-25 min with the very relaxing music. Acupuncture does not hurt, and you will be surprised to feel a deep relaxation during the session.

The number of sessions required are determined during the 1st consultation. The TCM specialist will prescribe medicinal herbs and plants for you if necessary and will give nutritional and lifestyle advice adapted to your case.



Recommendation before and after the acupuncture session



It is recommended to eat a light meal 1,5 hour before the session and not to consume alcohol on the day of the session.

After the session, it is best to give yourself a moment of physical and mental rest and drink lukewarm water or herbal tea.



Acupuncture covered by supplementary inscurance


Acupuncture at TMed is practiced by specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine with many years of practice in this field. We have acupuncturists recognized by ASCA and RME. Supplementary insurance covers up to 90% of their care (please check with your insurance). For acupuncture sessions, do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of the specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine at TMed. If you have any questions, please contact us for a consultation session.

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