Vacuum cupping

The Vacuum cupping process is the opposite of massaging. Rather than putting pressure on the muscles, this method uses light pressure to pull them up. For most patients, this sensation is particularly relaxing.

This treatment relieves muscles tension, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, helps with respiratory problems, detoxify the organism and encourage the general healing process.



Cupping for athletes

Vacuum cupping has a good success in the sport area. It provides many benefits at two levels :

- For preparing the body before a competition, cupping helps improving the respiration system, reducing stress and spreading vital energy in the whole body in order to optimise the performances.

- For recovering after an effort, cupping relieves pain, relaxes the muscles and makes you recover without leaving long term injuries.

Generally speaking cupping help to get a good physical and mental conditioning nor reconditioning.



cupping therapy Geneva  



Cupping therapie at TMed


Usually cupping therapy is combined with acupuncture, but they can also be used on their own. Cupping is performed by our specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

They are recognized by ASCA and RME which means supplementary insurance can cover up to 90% of their treatments (please consult your insurance to get the exact conditions).

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