Abhyanga massage

Coming from India, Ayurveda is a medicine that mostly uses massages as treatments. Those masssages can be for therapeutic but also well-being purposes and have each their own ritual. The practitioner must follow the ritual and respect the indian traditions in order their practice makes sens.


Abhyanga Indian massage provides a wonderful feeling of well-being and great physical and mental relaxation while stimulating the self-healing powers of your body and rebalancing the Doshas (elements which according to Ayurveda, establish and run your body). The pressure force of the massage depends then on your energy imbalances and your main Dosha (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha).






Benefits of Abhyanga ayruvedic massage


Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners recommend Abhyanga massage for:

- improve blood and lymphatic circulation,
- stimulate the elimination of toxins,
- tone and relax muscle tissue,
- boost your immune system,
- alleviate back pain and headaches,
- regain your inner calm and calm your mind.



Abhyanga massage at TMed


The Abhyanga massage at TMed is practiced in the cabinet for Ayurvedic treatments with a shower and everything you need to take a shower after the massage if you wish. We also put the hair dryer at your disposal.


Following this massage session, we invite you to take an Ayurvedic herbal tea in our waiting room in order to better enjoy your experience with us.




Therapeutic Abhyanga


In addition to be a wellness massage, the Abhyanga can also be a natural therapeutic treatment. At TMed, we provide therapeutic Abhyanga for those who have previously done a ayurvedic consultation with one of our Vaidya, an Ayurveda specialist. After a pulse diagnosis, they will be able to analyse your state of health, to determine your dosha and to prescribe you the selected oils depending of your condition for the Abhyanga massage.


Therapeutic Abhyanga prices are different with the consultation:

- Consultation with our Aurveda specialist : 80 CHF
- Therapeutic Abhyanga massage 30-45 min : 135 CHF
- Therapeutic Abhyanga massage 60 min : 175 CHF
- Therapeutic Abhyanga massage 75 min : 190CHF

Package Luxe Ayurveda ( guided meditation + massage Abhyanga ) : 280 CHF


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