Ayurvedic massage Abhyanga

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage is a massage with organic Ayurvedic oils offered as a therapeutic or wellness treatment. It provides a relaxing sensation and allows great relaxation both physically and mentally. At the same time, this treatment stimulates the self-healing powers of your body and rebalances your doshas (the elements which, according to Ayurveda, constitute and govern your body). The intensity of the massage pressures depends on this balance between your energy and these doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha).




The benefits of the Abhyanga wellness massage



Ayurveda practitioners recommend this wellness treatment for:


  • improve blood and lymphatic circulation
  • stimulate the elimination of toxins
  • tone and relax muscle tissue
  • strengthen your immune system
  • relieve back pain and headaches
  • improve sleep
  • find inner calm and calm the mind
  • boost vital energy


This treatment is beneficial for people with a job with a lot of responsibilities and stress, for parents and for people suffering from anxiety or frequent mood swings.


Our specialists also recommend using this treatment during seasonal changes. This natural and gentle treatment conditions your body and mind to better cope with seasonal changes, as well as to better adapt to the new rhythms of life.



Ayurvedic therapeutic massage


Besides being a wellness massage, the Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage can also be considered as a natural therapeutic treatment.


At TMed, we offer therapeutic Abhyanga services following an Ayurvedic consultation with our Ayurveda specialist, Vaidya Philip Saijin. The session with the Vaidya (the expert), begins with the diagnosis by the pulse to define your state of health. He is then able to determine your doshas and prescribe the Ayurvedic oils adapted to your condition for your Abhyanga massage.


The prices of Therapeutic Abhyanga depend on what was agreed upon during your consultation. Indeed, depending on your predominant dosha and the balance to be restored, the massage can last more or less time and is carried out with more or less intensity in the pressures according to the recommendations of the Vaidya. Here is the price list:


  • Consultation with an Ayurveda specialist of 30 min: 80 CHF
  • Consultation with an Ayurveda specialist of 60 min: 160 CHF
  • Consultation with an Ayurveda specialist of 75 min: 190 CHF
  • Therapeutic Abhyanga massage of 30-45 min: 135 CHF
  • Therapeutic Abhyanga massage of 60 min: 175 CHF
  • Therapeutic Abhyanga massage of 75 min: 190CHF
  • Luxury Ayurveda package (guided meditation + Abhyanga massage): 280 CHF


Abhyanga at TMed


For this treatment, our Ayurveda therapists, Anais Lesoil and Ambroise Munier, use organic Ayurvedic oils adapted to your needs and personal tastes. The oils are first slightly heated and then applied to your body and hair. A very pleasant sensation that plunges you into a world of deep physical and mental relaxation.


Ayurvedic massage geneva



Ayurvedic Massage Geneva


At TMed, the Abhyanga massage is practiced in the Ayurvedic treatment room with a shower and everything you need to refresh yourself after the massage if necessary. We also provide a hair dryer. Following your session and in order to prolong your experience with us, we invite you to take an Ayurvedic herbal tea for an additional moment of relaxation.



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