Abdominal Massage

Chinese abdominal massage is therapeutic belly massage for the treatment of internal organs. The session will be as deep and gentle as you want it to be. This massage helps stimulate the lymph, internal organs and the digestive system, releasing a stuck fascia that stagnates organ function.


Benefits of abdominal massage


Abdominal massage has been shown to be effective in relieving many types of digestive problems.


This therapy has particular health benefits for women and is best done on an empty stomach.


Abdominal massage at TMed


Abdominal massage is practiced by specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine at TMed.


We have specialists recognized by ASCA and RME. Supplementary insurance covers up to 90% of their care. (Please consult your insurance).


The number of sessions required and the treatments adapted to your case are determined during the 1st consultation with the TCM specialist.

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