Qi gong

Qigong or "mastery of vital energy" is a meditation in the form of gentle gymnastics which combines slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration.


The regular practice of Qi Gong helps to restore a good circulation of vital energy "Qi", and is very beneficial for your physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual health.



Benefits of Qigong practice


- Relaxation of muscles
- Meditative and anti-stress effects
- Strengthening the immune system
- General improvement of the organs fucntions
- Improvement of the cardiopulmonary functions
- Improvement of the vascular functions
- Stimulation of the lymphatic system
- Stimulation of blood circulation
- Prevention of injuries to joints, ligaments and bones



Qigong practice is recommended for people:


- Under stress
- Feeling tired and lack of energy
- Suffering from back pain
- Suffering from hypertension
- Having symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease etc.

Current sessions

- Tuesday from 18h45 to 19h45
- Wednesday from 15h30 to 16h30
- Thursday from 18h45 to 19h45


All our classes can also be booked as private lessons. To get more information, please contact us.

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