Qigong or "mastery of vital energy" is a meditation in the form of gentle gymnastics which combines slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration.


The regular practice of Qi Gong helps to restore a good circulation of vital energy "Qi", and is very beneficial for your physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual health.



Benefits of Qigong practice


- Relaxation of muscles
- Meditative and anti-stress effects
- Strengthening the immune system
- General improvement of the organs fucntions
- Improvement of the cardiopulmonary functions
- Improvement of the vascular functions
- Stimulation of the lymphatic system
- Stimulation of blood circulation
- Prevention of injuries to joints, ligaments and bones



Qigong practice is recommended for people:


- Under stress
- Feeling tired and lack of energy
- Suffering from back pain
- Suffering from hypertension
- Having symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease etc.



Qigong at TMed


The course is suitable for all levels. Check out our group lesson program to book your place to next Qigong lesson or contact us if you wish to book a private lesson.

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