Four hands massage

The main well-being of the four-hand massage is to offer an incomparable moment of rest and relaxation.



Benefits of 4 hands massage


With four hands, the brain can no longer focus precisely on gestures and let go completely. You are therefore immersed in a state of absolute serenity and your body is completely relaxed. This  massage is done with ayurvedic oils. 



4 hands massage at TMed


The 4-hand massage at TMed is practiced in the cabinet for Ayurvedic treatments with a shower and everything you need to cool off after the massage if you wish. We provide you with shampoos, shower gel, towels, bathrobe and hair dryer.


Following this massage session, we invite you to take an Ayurvedic herbal tea in our waiting room in order to better enjoy your experience with us.


To discover the benefits of Ayurvedic four-handed massage, make an appointment with the specialists in Ayurvedic Medicine at TMed.

Four hands massage
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Abhyanga (4 hands, 75 min)

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