The Ayurvedic massage Udvartana is an entire dry body massage that uses a mixture of chickpea flour, clay and spices. It is a tonic massage that warms and diminishes Kapha. It is especially recommended for overweight people. It also cleanses the skin deeply and acts as a very gentle scrub.



Benefits of Udvartana


Known for its very gentle natural exfoliation effects, this treatment deeply cleanses the skin and removes dead cells leaving your skin soft and slippery.


It is an invigorating massage that warms and lowers Dosha Kapha. It is particularly recommended for overweight people.



Udvartana at Tmed


The Udvartana treatment at TMed is practiced in the Ayurvedic treatment cabinet with a shower and everything you need to cool off after the massage if you wish. We provide you with shampoos, shower gel, towels and hair dryer.


Following this massage session, we invite you to take an Ayurvedic herbal tea in our waiting room in order to better enjoy your experience with us.


Udvartana massage at TMed is done by Ayurvedic massage therapists at TMed.


To make your skin soft and tender, make an appointment with the Ayurvedic massage specialist at TMed.

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Udvartana (75 min)

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