Weak Immune System

The human organism is a well-designed biological system with self-healing abilities. However, external factors such as seasonal changes, viruses, stress, lack of sleep, malnutrition, etc. can cause imbalances and affect our health.



People with strong enough immune systems can cope with an ordinary virus without being too affected by it. However, an individual with lower reserves (for example: an elderly person, a tired and stressed person or an immunocompromised person) may have more difficulty recovering even from a simple cold.



In general, to be in good health and strengthen your body's immune defenses, you must have a healthy diet adapted to your body and the season, regular physical activity, be in good moral and psychological condition and have personal hygiene. appropriate.



To strengthen the immune system, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers preventive and curative treatments.




Pulse diagnosis


The experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Weimin Zhu and Maximin Gaillard carry out the diagnosis by the pulse to determine the state of your health and to prescribe the treatment most suitable for you.


Depending on your diagnosis, experts can prescribe acupuncture sessions, herbal remedies, and give you personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice.






Acupuncture stimulates defensive energy and increases the amount of white blood cells, which are the first bulwark against viruses and bacteria encountered by the body. Thus, acupuncture sessions help your body to regain a good energy balance by releasing blockages and strengthening weaknesses. This treatment thus helps strengthen your body's self-healing capacities.


The number of sessions and the frequency will be determined with our experts during your 1st meeting.




Prescription of medicinal plants


Herbal remedies help enhance the benefits of acupuncture. The composition is determined by the specialist in Chinese Medicine based on your diagnosis.


The TCM specialist will also inform you of the duration and frequency of consumption of herbal teas prepared from prescribed medicinal plants.


TMed will take care of ordering the medicinal plants for you from certified laboratories recognized in Switzerland for the quality of the products they have selected. Then they will be delivered to your home. We invite you to see here, the recipe for the preparation of herbal tea.


Herbal remedies can be used in two ways: preventive and curative.




Cupping therapy



Cupping therapy relieves muscle tension, improves blood and lymphatic circulation by promoting detoxification and healing. The reactions of the body following a cupping therapy session give our experts important information on the strengths and weaknesses of your body, since the cupping is applied to reflex zones that are in direct connection with internal organs.






Moxibustion is a therapeutic technique that involves stimulating acupuncture points using the gentle heat of a stick of mugwort placed a few inches from the skin. Mugwort is a plant with very specific medicinal properties that can help ward off the cold, calm pain, strengthen the vital "Qi" energy of internal organs and also strengthen your body's immune system.



Qi Gong


In Chinese Medicine, good health is defined by a harmonious interaction between body, energy and mind. The regular practice of Qi Gong is very beneficial on these three aspects and allows you to work on your physical, emotional and spiritual health as well. Qi Gong allows us to work on this harmony while strengthening our energy and our immune defenses.

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