Menstrual cycle problems

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the menstrual cycle is influenced by the quality and quantity of Qi (vital energy) and Blood, Yin and Yang energies and the proper functioning of certain organs, more particularly, the spleen, the liver, kidneys, heart.


In addition, certain emotional tensions, the climate and lifestyle can also disrupt this hormonal balance and the menstrual cycle.


When the circulation of Qi and blood flow is blocked during menstrual period, women may experience pain and swelling in the tummy area.


To harmonize menstrual imbalances such as dysmenorrhea (painful periods), specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine work with four main tools: Chinese pharmacopoeia, acupuncture, nutrition and adapted lifestyle and physical exercises adapted to your body.



Chinese Pharmacopoeia


Pharmacopoeia is the art of combining medicinal plants to provide you with a natural treatment tailored to your needs.


After diagnosing your state of health and the causes of your pain, Weimin Zhu an expert in Chinese pharmacopoeia, can prescribe a formula adapted to your case to soothe period pain.


When from the first month of treatment, herbal remedies are prescribed usually for 5 days.





Acupuncture provides a natural, effective and non-chemical approach to address and reduce menstrual pain, uncomfortable physical symptoms (lower back pain, cramps, acné, sensitive chest), emotional symptoms (sadness, irritation, jumps mood), as well as nervous fatigue.


The number of sessions vary from individual to individual. However, patients usually start to feel the effects of the treatment after two to four sessions. The first month of treatment, the recommended frequency of sessions is once a week. Then it depends on the effects of the treatment.



Nutrition and lifestyle


In order to decrease symptoms, it is important to customize your diet, exercise, and sleep / rest. .


All these factors have an impact on your hormonal balance at each phase of the menstrual cycle and will have to be adjusted and individualized according to your constitution and your goals.



Qi Gong


Regular practice of Qi Gong helps restore proper circulation of blood and Qi. This helps relieve period pain and accompanying symptoms (irritability, nervous tension and emotional disturbances). Depending on the complexity of the case, our clients have returned to a less painful cycle, or even painless, after a series of treatments ranging from one to three months.


If you have any questions about the approach and possible treatments in TCM or to make an appointment, please contact us.

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