Back pain and a herniated disc

In holistic approaches, the causes of back pain and herniated disc vary from individual to individual. For this reason, it is advisable to opt for individual consultations where you will receive the indications adapted to your case.


Back pain and a herniated disc can be caused by weak cartilage, accidents, muscle strain, or some other reason.

Nutrition and hygiene of life


It is important to assess the daily factors that may also contribute to the progression of these symptoms. For example, refined sugars and dairy products, among others, promote general inflammation and increase acidity in the body.


You can receive the recommendation with regard to your nutrition and lifestyle when consulting with one of our experts: the expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiaojuan Li and Maximin Gaillard and the expert in Ayurvedic Medicine, Vadya Naveen Kumar Gupta.



Treatment with acupuncture reduces pain and muscle tension (localized and general) as well as improves circulation in the affected area.

It is recommended to start with one session per week for a month and then space the sessions according to the treatment device. We have good results among the treated cases, where the pain disappears within 24 hours and reappears in 2 months after the treatment.

Therapeutic massage


If the cause of the back pain is related to tight muscles, it is advisable to do massages once or twice a month to relax the muscles and calm the mind.


The therapeutic and wellness massage therapists at TMed are recognized by ASCA and RME. Their care is reimbursed by supplementary insurance up to 90% (Please consult your insurer).

Physical exercises


The exercises must be adapted to your constitution like yoga (personal approach) or traditional Chinese gymnastics Qi Gong.

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