4 hands Ayurvedic massage day

The four-hands massage offers a moment of full relaxation: with four hands, the brain can no longer focus on the precise gestures and completely loose. You are immersed in a state of absolute serenity and your body relaxes completely.


4 hands massage and synchronization

The 4 hands massage requires a perfect synchronization of the gestures to perform so that it is perfect and effective. The two masseuses are on each side of the person to massage, one in front of the other, they must control each movement executed so that the energy is distributed in the same way on the whole body. The rhythm, the pressure must be exactly the same on the left as on the right side to not unbalance the work of the massage, whether for the body, or for members.

April 13, 2019

CHF 350

4 hands Ayurvedic massage

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