Workshop with Dominique "Root chakra - anchorage - security - stability"

Journey through the chakras - root chakra


Over the months, Dominique invites you to a series of masterclasses in kundalini yoga from the Himalayan tradition, which will allow you to deepen your practice and experience several facets of yoga: breaths, movements, mantras, meditation, relaxation.


Masterclass on the root chakra


The 1st masterclass of this series (it is possible to do the whole series or the masterclass individually) is devoted to the root chakra, associated with the element of the earth.


In a world where you are very much in the mind, it is important to strengthen this anchoring, to create stability in your life, and an inner strength.


The root chakra is also where the kundalini, our potential resides. It can stay asleep for a lifetime, and in this case one has the impression of not living fully (metro-work-sleep), or one can stimulate the kundalini and allow it to unfold.


Finally, the root chakra is that of acceptance.


The masterclass will include a theoretical part and of course a long practice.


The price of the course also includes a blend of essential oils that corresponds to the root chakra and that you can keep.

September 19, 2020

16:30 - 18:30

CHF 60


Dominique Rentsch

Dominique Rentsch


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