Chinese Medicine : mid-season check-up

In Chinese medicine, it is advisable to do a check-up of your state of health each season to prepare your body for the next, and this within a specific period.


For the fall season 2021, it is recommended to do a check-up between July 20 and August 16, 2021. During these dates, our regulated clients are entitled to a discount on their consultation at the price of 120 CHF instead. from 140 CHF.


Depending on your diagnosis, the therapist can prescribe a personalized diet as well as adapted treatments to rebalance your body and recondition it.


Our therapists Dr. Weimin Zhu, Mary Segura, Slava Sviridovs and Maximin Gaillard are there to meet your needs. Make an appointment!

July 20, 2021 - July 16, 2021

CHF 120

Mid-season check-up

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