Spatula Gua Sha - Masterclass

Discover our new masterclass on the Gua sha spatula and learn everything you need to know to achieve this trendy treatment at home. The workshop will be led by our face massage specialist Ambroise Munier.

Gua Sha spatula massage originated in Asia and is extremely old, and only recently became known in the West. Closely linked to traditional Chinese medicine, gua sha spatula treatment literally means "to scratch the disease". Thus, with the help of the spatula, we "scrape" the skin in order to clean it from the bad waves. Therefore, above all the gua sha was conceived as a spiritual care allowing to rebalance the energies in our body.

However, massage with the gua sha spatula has not only spiritual, but also aesthetic virtues. Indeed, the movements carried out by the spatula contribute to the circulation of energies, but also to the blood circulation and that of the lymph. This treatment is therefore both detoxifying and lifting, it reduces wrinkles and brightens the complexion and soothes your skin.

During this exclusive master class, our specialist will teach you how to use the spatula correctly without damaging your skin and will share his secrets with you to achieve even more visible results! In addition, you will leave with your own Gua Sha spatula to reproduce the movements during your beauty routine.

To participate in this event, contact us on 022 900 27 27 or at The price is 100 CHF and at the end of the master class we offer you the gua sha spatula!

March 21, 2022

19:00 - 20:00

CHF 100

Masterclass - Spatula Gua Sha 1h

Ambroise Munier

Ambroise Munier

Therapist in massage (speaks French, English, Spanish & Italian)

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