T Club meeting : Dao Philosophy

For our very first T Club meeting, we wanted to address a fundamental theme related to traditional Chinese medicine: the philosophy of Dao. Indeed, the Dao was, is, and will forever remain at the heart of Chinese culture. This Saturday, it is our teacher Zhaoxin Ye who teaches you the great principles of Dao.

This meeting will be an opportunity to learn more and discuss this timeless theme, all accompanied by a cup of Chinese tea. Following this discussion will take place a moment of practice with some Qi Gong and meditation exercises.



Workshop objectives

- Discover the basics of Taoist philosophy
- Understand the benefits of Qi Gong
- Learn the main movements and gestures of Qi Gong and Taiji


The first hour will be devoted to an introduction to Taoist philosophy. Our expert will explain to you what it is and how it has influenced Chinese culture. A moment of listening and sharing during which you will also have the opportunity to taste a cup of Chinese tea.

The second hour will be more practice-oriented with first breathing exercises and meditation. Then, our teacher will continue with Qi Gong and Taiji sequences, the movements of which you will then reproduce.



Theory - explanation:

- Philosophy of Dao
- Application in daily life

Practice - exercises:

- Taoism meditation & breathing
- Qi Gong & Taiji exercises

Included - Drinks:

- Tasting of Chinese teas in parallel with the course



+ Lunch package (optional): Diet meal prepared by our Chinese medicine specialist Dr. Zhu, and prepared by the chef of the restaurant Oncle Edouard. For those who wish, we offer our members, once the meeting is over, to taste our dietetic catering service. The dish is always related to the theme discussed. You can eat it in our center or take it to take away at the end of the course.



It is possible to attend the meeting as a T Club member or to come on an ad hoc basis to give you an overview of the course. Members have a preferential rate on meetings as well as a 5% discount on all TMed services. 

November 13, 2021

10:00 - 12:00

CHF 50

Meeting of the Month

CHF 500

T Club Membership

Zhaoxin  Ye

Zhaoxin Ye

Master of Qigong and Taiji

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