Neo Qi Gong

Neo Qi Gong is a course specially designed for people interested in Qi Gong but who have never done it before.


As a reminder, Qi Gong is a perfect discipline to practice light physical activity on a regular basis. The latter combines dance, meditation, taiji and martial arts and which come together to create a series of slow and graceful movements.


At the physical level, Qi Gong allows you to stretch and gain amplitude. At the mental level, activity allows you to empty your mind and reduce your stress.


What is Neo Qi Gong?


The concept of Neo Qi Gong refers to new followers of the activity (the word "neo" meaning new in Latin). This course allows the curious to discover Qi Gong at their own pace and by taking their time.


The course is given by our expert and teacher Zhaoxin Ye. The latter guides the participants and gives them all the advice necessary to help them perform the movements correctly and improve their sequences. He listens and answers questions from both a practical and theoretical point of view. In this beginner's class, he takes the time to rehearse and willingly demonstrate the movements again until the participants have integrated them correctly.


Why a beginner level?


Indeed, although the movements of Qi Gong are gentle and slow, they are nonetheless technical. As said before, the various movements are assembled in the form of a sequence, which is why it is often difficult to integrate a normal Qi Gong course along the way.


This Neo Qi Gong course therefore allows you to integrate the basics of Qi Gong and then potentially join a more advanced course. Generally, it takes between 2 and 5 lessons to assimilate the basic sequences. But again each person is different. If you want to advance even faster, it is also possible to take one or two private lessons which will allow you to have privileged advice with our expert.

The important thing is that no matter how long it takes, you keep improving. Professor Zhaoxin Ye loves to see his participants progress and will not hesitate to tell you when the time comes whether or not you are ready to move on to the next level!

October 06, 2021

15:30 - 16:30

Zhaoxin  Ye

Zhaoxin Ye

Master of Qigong and Taiji

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