TMed gift boxes

On the occasion of the Christmas Holidays, TMed gives you various gift ideas to offer to your loved ones or why not... to yourself!


"Spices" gift box -> between 10 and 20 CHF

To compose yourself by selecting two spices or two peppers of your choice, the price will be adapted accordingly with a small discount.


"Prodigious oils" gift box -> 95 CHF

With three DEVI brand oils: an anti-aging face oil, a regenerating face oil and a breast oil.


"Facial well-being" gift box -> CHF 180

A voucher for a Ko Bi DO (Japanese) or Gua Sha (Chinese) facial massage
coming with two cosmetics articles such as a face oil and a lip balm.


"Body well-being" gift box -> 200 CHF

A voucher for a body massage of your choice (excluding Ayurvedic massages)
coming with two cosmetics articles such as a body peeling cream and a body oil.


You can fin those gift boxes in TMed's vitrines. To buy yours or to get more information, please feel welcome to ask our receptionnists.

December 01, 2021 - December 31, 2021

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