T Club Health Care Day - Osteoporosis

TMed is proud to present its very first T Club Health Care Day. An immersive day in our center to relax, to talk with our therapists and to gain valuable advices.


10am-12pm : Chinese dietetics cooking class with Dr. Zhu
10am-12pm : Automassage Workshop "Acupressure & immune system" with Slava Sviridovs
12pm-12:30pm : Chinese ditetetics lunch* (only for cooking class participants)
12:30pm-3:15pm : Automassage Workshop "Acupressure & body pains" with Dr. Zhu
3:15pm-4:15pm : Qi gong : "Spring Edition - Wood, a liver's element" with Zhaoxin Ye
4:15pm-6pm : Conference "How to prevent Osteoporosis ?" with Dr. Zhu


Full day participation including all activities except cooking class and lunch costs 170 CHF.

Full day participation including all activities excepting the morning automassage workshop but with the dietetics costs 220 CHF.

To participate in a course only, the prices differ from one activity to another.
- Cooking class at 100 CHF / activity
- Workshops and conference: 50 CHF / activity
- Qi Gong and meditation lessons: 40 CHF / activity

T Club members can participate to the activities of their choice with a free access (no additional cost). The selected activities in which they have participated will be counted and deducted from the balance of the 10 sessions of their subscription.


If you are interested, please contact us.

October 01, 2022

10:00 - 18:30

CHF 170

Full day without dietetics

CHF 220

Full day with Chinese dietetics

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