Webinar "Ayurveda Nutrition and Women's health with special reference to relationship of women to the lunar (moon) energy"

On Monday 26th of September at 7pm Vaidya Naveen Kumar Gupta is holding a special free of charge webinar. This lecture on the subject "Ayurveda Nutrition and Women's health with special reference to relationship of women to the lunar (moon) energy" will address special relationship of women to the lunar (moon) energy using intelligent herbal synergies for self-detox.


The moon has a strong and specific influence on each and every ​vital point in human physiology known as marma channel or marma bindu. An energetic marma can be compared to an ocean of energy. Just as the moon influences the tides of an ocean so as the moon regulates monthy cycle in a menstruating woman and the moon influences the ocean ​of energy within each marma point.


Prana Panchakarma therapies and specific pure satvika nutrition for women shall treat certain pathological conditions in the light of female sex hormones which strike women preferentially.


The participation is free of charge after the registartion. Please, confirm your participation before September 23, 2o22! To subscribe contact us at contact@tmed.ch or by phone +41 22 900 27 27.


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Discover the topics of the webinars that will be given by our specialist Dr Naveen Kumar Gupta: 


Monday, 3rd of October 2022 : Ghee, Honey, Chywanprash and Neem: the 4 AyurVedic emblematic products


Monday, 17th October 2022 : Men’s health according to Ayurveda


Monday, 21st November 2022: Your Immune System and Kapha season regimen.


Monday, 12th of December: Kama Sutra and AyurVeda


Monday, 16th January 2023: AyurVedic detox in winter time (in relation to heavy eating during the winter break)


Monday, 20th February 2023: Pranayama, the Breathing Technique and Meditation according to Bhakti AyurVeda


Monday, 20th March 2023: Change of seasons, prepare yourself for following Pitta season regimen.


Monday, 17th April 2023 : Allergy and AyurVeda


Monday, 19th May 2023 : Introduction to Vedic Astrology


Monday, 22nd June 2023 : Healing power of Vibrations, Singing, Mantra, Japa and AyurVeda Music


Each webinar shall take 40 minutes and further 20 minutes are reserved for questions.

Recordings shall be available for a month.




September 26, 2022

19:00 - 19:45

 Naveen Kumar Gupta

Naveen Kumar Gupta

Vaidya Acharya (speaks English and Hindi)

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