Ayurveda Training - spring cleansing

Dr Naveen Gupta will guide you through ayurvedic principls of detox.


The Training is scheduled from 9h00 till 16h00 with 1h break. 


Diring this 6 hours training you will learn to create a 3-day Ayurvedic cleansing program for you, your family or your clients.


You will learn how to:

- help your body to release toxins

- optimise your body's channels of circulation

- reverse chronic stress

- reverse ageing

- cultivate health and wellbeing






March 10, 2024

CHF 330

Training Detox with Vaidya Gupta

CHF 300

early birds - reservation before 29.02.2024

CHF 290

if combined with workshop of Claire Bostock

 Naveen Kumar Gupta

Naveen Kumar Gupta

Vaidya Acharya (speaks English and Hindi)

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