Beauty Evening: Facial and Digestion Yoga by Crista Dubois

In 2019 women are very demanding for their beauty. Above all, they want to keep a harmonious face and a firm and radiant skin.


Facial yoga: a unique, targeted and effective treatment.

The 6 essentials of facial yoga: neck, oval, cheekbones, nose, eyes, forehead.

The 6 results: tonicity, hydration, clarity, lifting, radiance, anti-aging.


Digestion Yoga: The digestive system is the root of the beauty and radiance of the skin as well as the tonicity of the muscles. The practice of Crista for the belly targets the digestive system to regenerate and revitalize it deeply.


These two natural practices give radiance and firmness to the skin!


In the program :


  • 6.30pm and 7.30pm: mini Thai dance performance
  • 18h45-19h15: Presentation of Facial Yoga and Digestion Yoga by Crista Dubois
  • Snacks, drinks

Please confirm your presence before May 17th by e-mail or by phone +41 (0) 22 900 27 27


During the evening we organize the fundraising for the "Goutte d'eau" Foundation.

May 23, 2019

18:00 - 21:00

Crista Dubois

Crista Dubois

Yoga teacher (speaks French and English)

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