Face and Belly Yoga

The cells of the skin are renewed every 30 days and the cells of the digestive system every 7 days.

From this knowledge, what are the good gestures and the good reflexes to activate this process which can be deficient according to the way of life, thoughts and food.


Yoga of Face and Neck 

> Muscle tone : Exercises, drainage, breathing.

> Rides : Drainage, acupuncture point.

> Volume : Exercises, oxygenation, massage.


Yoga for the belly

Nauli, the belly cleansing: a movement to be done every day to revitalize your organs and tone the skin and muscles of your belly + some special yoga postures digestion.

** very important: to work belly yoga, I recommend not eating in the morning before class.



June 22, 2019

10:30 - 12:30

CHF 50

Price payment in advice

CHF 60

Price payment on site

Crista Dubois

Crista Dubois


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Traditional Thai Massage school




Traditional Thai Massage school

This course is aimed to teach you the basics of full body Thai Massage (body, face, head, shoulders, feet).

Price: CHF 520

Obligatory prepayment: CHF 100

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Yoga Nidra (in French) with Régine Hebrard


Yoga Nidra (in French) with Régine Hebrard

SAVE THE DATE! Topic "How our posture can define our state of mind". Immerse yourself in this deep relaxation and allow to free yourself from stress and anxiety.



Payment for 3 classes: CHF 120

Payment for 2 classes: CHF 90

Payment for 1 class: CHF 50

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