Demystifying Prana Energy & Moon and Unearthing Menstrual Wisdom of Women’s power to heal - Lecture in English

  • This lecture will adress special relationship of women to the lunar (moon) energy using intelligent herbal synergies for self-detox.
  • The moon has a strong and specific influence on each and every ​vital point in human physiology known as marma channel or marma bindu. An energetic marma can be compared to an ocean of energy. Just as the moon influences the tides of an ocean so as the moon regulates monthy cycle in a menstruating woman and the moon influences the ocean ​of energy within each marma point.
  • Prana Panchakarma therapies and specific pure satvika nutrition for women shall treat certain pathological conditions in the light of female sex hormones which strike women preferentially.

August 24, 2019

17:00 - 19:00

CHF 40

participation fee

 Naveen Kumar Gupta

Naveen Kumar Gupta

Vaidya Acharya (speaks English and Hindi)

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