Workshop: Deep relaxation with Yoga and Meditation while creating a connection with oneself (in EN)



You may have noticed that your skin has started to get dry, your lips are parched and at times you are reaching for a light sweater. Well, it seems autumn is knocking at our door. It is the perfect time to prepare our body, mind and soul for this upcoming season. 


We will discuss how this new season is impacting our overall well being and how knowledge from Ayurveda can help us stay happy and healthy. We will practice Yoga postures and Pranayamas specific for harmonizing VATA dosha. Finally, we will treat every cell of our body to a profound relaxation with Yoga Nidra. 


Outline of the workshop:


  1. Ayurveda and autumn
  2. Yoga postures to balance Vata
  3. Pranayama (breathing techniques for deep relaxation)
  4. Yoga Nidra
  5. Make your Personal Practice

October 05, 2019

CHF 55

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CHF 60

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Aarti Läderach

Aarti Läderach

Meditation teacher

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