Pranayama Initiation

Pranayama, also known as deep breathing or abdominal breathing, is the innate breathing of infants and young children. 

Often incomplete in adulthood, the practice of pranayama on a daily basis can achieve better relaxation while toning the body. 

By practicing deep breathing, the lungs fill up with the maximum amount of air they can hold. With this adequate oxygen supply into the body through the practice of pranayama, many benefits can be felt. Among them are: 

  • the stimulation of the lymphatic system which allows to evacuate the toxins;
  • better oxygenation of the muscles as well as the brain;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate.

In addition, by stimulating the entirety of the upper body, pranayama helps fight against:  ;  

  • states of stress, anxiety and anxiety
  • muscle pains and contractions in the back, shoulders and belly;
  • difficult digestion with bloating or aerophagia

August 08, 2019 - September 26, 2019

CHF 200

for 8 classes

Natalia Reynolds

Natalia Reynolds

ASCA Therapist (speaking English, French and Russian)

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