Ayurveda, Yoga and Yoga Nidra (in FR) with Aarti Läderach



Damp, grey and cold weather is the season of Kapha dosha. Windy and dry winter also imbalances Vata dosha. By balancing these two doshas we can invigorate both our body and mind. Pranayama such as Kapalbhati and Bhastrika helps to revive the digestive fire and boost our immune system. Warming Yoga postures will help us fight against arthritis, indigestion, cold  and other problems. 


We will discuss how this new season is impacting our overall well-being and how knowledge from Ayurveda can help us stay happy and healthy. We will practice yoga postures and Pranayamas specific for harmonizing Vata and Kapha dosha. Finally, with Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation meditation, we will prepare our minds for the winter season.


Outline of the workshop:


1. Ayurveda and winter

2. Yoga postures to balance Vata and Kapha

3. Self-Massage

4. Pranayama (breathing techniques to stimulate digestive fire and boost Immunity)

5. Yoga Nidra

November 30, 2019

10:00 - 12:00

CHF 50

Payment in advance

CHF 60

Payment on site

Aarti Läderach

Aarti Läderach

Meditation teacher

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