Yoga, Singing and Mindfulness with Crista Dubois

Working on the positions and breathing in full awareness brings immense benefits not only for the body but also helps with deep emotional healing.

3 asanas:

twists (to strengthen the stomach's meridian)
pigeon (to strengthen the kidneys' meridian)
plow (to strengthen the spleen's meridian)

2 breaths:

fire breathing (to rebalance body's Ph and to soothe the flow of thoughts)

breathing to take care of oneselfKundalini

1 song for healing:

Mantra Ra Ma Sa Da Sa Say So Hung

November 16, 2019

10:00 - 12:00

CHF 40


Crista Dubois

Crista Dubois


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Traditional Thai Massage school




Traditional Thai Massage school

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Obligatory prepayment: CHF 100

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Yoga Nidra (in French) with Régine Hebrard

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