Bain de Gong with Céline Peltier (in FR)

Come dive into the universe and the frequencies of the lunar gong to pay homage to the new moon. A journey, a treatment, a moment for you, a sound detox, a meditation.

In the lying position let yourself be lulled by all the intense and deep vibrations of the gong that will cleanse what needs to be, regenerate what your body, heart and mind need, a great experience to live.

June 25, 2020

CHF 40


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Gift card from Fondetec

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Yoga Nidra (in French) with Régine Hebrard


Yoga Nidra (in French) with Régine Hebrard

SAVE THE DATE! Topic "How to phrase your Sankalpa". Immerse yourself in this deep relaxation and allow to free yourself from stress and anxiety. Yoga Nidra puts you in a state very similar to a sleep which will help you to regenerate and



Payment for 3 classes: CHF 120

Payment for 2 classes: CHF 90

Payment for 1 class: CHF 50

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