Breath and Meditation (Fr and En) with Natalia Reynolds

This class is a wonderful opportunity to learn meditation practice and experience a deep impact of a conscious breathing on your state of mind and physiology of your body. We will be practicing various yogic breathing that supports release of an internal tension and also training your attention to stay focused developing your understanding how and where to navigate our attention during the meditation process.


During this classes you will also be learning how to manage our breath, practicing yogic breathing techniques prānāyāma that give you a unique experience of a channelling of your attention, centring, creating calmness and balancing your nervous system.


Regular breathing work has a very deep impact on your daily life as it gives a strong support to your nerves to handle life situations, emotions and also develops your awareness helping you to have a clear mind during the day and a good sleep during the night.

November 09, 2019

15:00 - 17:00

CHF 40

Payment in advance

CHF 50

Payment on site

Natalia Reynolds

Natalia Reynolds

ASCA Therapist (speaking English, French and Russian)

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