Consultations by Xiaojuan Li

Xiaojuan Li was born in Hubei Shiyan, China. Her family has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for ages. She started studying plants when she was 7 years old. 


Her father introduced her to pharmacopoeia when she was a child, he taught her how to make a preparation on the base of alcohol and oils. Later, Xiaojuan continued to improve her knowledge with her uncle, a well-known master of this art.


She then decided to carry on the family tradition while mastering her skills. Xiaojuan has been travelling all over China to meet Masters who shared with her their knowledge of pharmacopoeia and acupuncture (traditional, Tung method, ear’s acupuncture). 


After graduating from the Medical University of Shenzhen, she had been working for two years with Master Xiong Wei in Bucharest, Romania.


Every year, Xiaojuan travels to Tibet and other countries and provides healing for free of charge, because most of all she loves helping and curing people.


To take an appointment please contact us by email or by telephone 022 900 27 27.

May 14, 2020 - May 15, 2020

CHF 175

1st consultation and acupuncture treatment (with herbs prescription)

CHF 160

1st consultation and acupuncture treatment (no herbs prescription)

CHF 140

follow-up consultation

Xiaojuan Li

Xiaojuan Li


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