Anaïs Lesoil

Anaïs Lesoil

Ayurveda therapist with ASCA agreement (speaks French)



Ayurvedic massage 3 in 1 (60min)




Ayurvedhair massage


Abhyanga (2 mains, 60 min)



Abhyanga 90min


Anaïs Lesoil  is an Ayurvedic therapist. She practices Ayurvedic Abhyanga and Shirodhara massages, Kansu bowl foot massage, Udvartana Ayurvedic treatment. Anaïs studied Ayurvedic massages (which she has practiced intuitively for a very long time) at the Tapovan center in India and Normandy. She was a student of center designer Tapovan, Kiran Vyas, and the other teachers in this school. Anaïs also holds the ESSR (Ecole de Santé de Suisse Romande) diploma.


Ayurvedic massage seemed obvious to her, imbued with benevolence, it works on the physical body as well as the subtle body. In addition, this approach reasoned very strongly with the teachings of her father.


"I learned from childhood to grow our fruits and vegetables, to observe life and to tune our daily life to the unfolding of the seasons. Passionate about medicinal plants, my father invited us, my brother and I, the rare times that we happened to be sick, to consult the books of remedies, to look for the plants which were suitable for our cure as well as the way of prepare them (poultices, decoctions…). We then had to look for these plants ourselves in the garden, prepare them, and on his advice fast so as not to weigh down the body, and rest. This is how he made us responsible for our health. "



Academic cursus


2017 - 2018 : Professional certificate in Ayurvedic Massages - Tapovan Centre  (France & India)

2018 : Anatomy and physiology training - Ecole de Santé de Suisse Romande (Geneva, Switzerland)



Professional cursus


2020 - today : Ayurveda Practitioner - TMed (Geneva, Switzerland)

2018 - today : Ayurveda Practitioner  - Independent activity (France & Switzerland)

2018 : Ayurveda Therapist - Tapovan Centre (Normandie, France)

2016 - 2017 : Education assistante - Collège de Culoz (Culoz, France)

2016 : Agricultural worker in arboriculture - GAEC des Plantaz (Flaxieu, France)



Other titles :


Since 2020 : ASCA certification (RCC number : Z643763)


The therapies proposed by Anaïs Lesoil at TMed : 

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