Zhaoxin  Ye

Zhaoxin Ye

Master of Qigong and Taiji

Taiji (60min)


Master Zhaoxin Ye was born in China. Since early childhood he was passionate about Chinese martial arts (wushu) and he has been specializing in Taoist Qigong, meditation and internal alchemy since 20 years.


Qigong practice of Master Zhaoxin allows you to unlock the knots and helps to circulate the Qi (ancestral energy) in the meridians, to cultivate the Qi, to stimulate the chakras of the body, to maintain and to feel the body as well as to develop its perceptions. You will learn to create and to direct the Qi, to harmonize the Yin and the Yang. 


Taoist Internal Alchemia 

Generally, Taoist techniques, which are sometimes referred to as "Nei Gong" or "internal work", are practiced on the three constituent substances of life simultaneously: jing, Qi and shen. Such training provides health and longevity.


Group classes proposed by Zhaoxin  Ye : 

  • Qigong
  • Taiji 



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