Ambroise Munier

Ambroise Munier

Therapist in massage (speaks French, English, Spanish & Italian)

Face Gua Sha



Abdominal massage

Body Gua Sha


Feet Reflexology


Abhyanga 90min


Tuina pediatric


class Gua Sha


Abhyanga (2 mains, 60 min)

Yu Yang


Feet Reflexology

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Ambroise is a massage therapist specialised in Tuina massage. He also practices the abdominal massage, the foot reflexology, the Ko Bi Do and many other techniques.


His massage training started in Mexico at the Spealectrinico Institute where he learned all about nutrition and wellness massages. He turned back to France to complete his cursus in Paris to study techniques of therapeutic massage this time. Once he got his diploma, he worked in China as an intern to specialise hiself in chinese tuina massage. He then went back to Lyon to improve his new technique to get an official certificate at the Shao Yang Institute.


With all these skills, Ambroise is highly recommanded as he can adapt his massage techniques depending on the demand. He worked in many famous hotels in France before recently moving to Geneva.


Now he joined the TMed team, our specialist promise you a warm welcom and an attentive listening to answer your needs. To get more information on his services, contact-us !

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