Weimin Zhu

Weimin Zhu

Medical Dr & TCM therapist with ASCA agreement (speaks French and Chinese)


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Born in China, Dr. Weimin Zhu has quickly discovred the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and developped a passion for this practice. He decided to study at the TCM University of Shaanxi and got his diploma in 1984. During his thesis redaction, he made an internship at the Xi'an Red Cross Hospital by integrating the orthopaedic and trauma surgery service.


As he really enjoyed his experience in this service, in 1995, he moved to France to follow a special cursus in orthopaedic and trauma surgery at the University of Marseille. After that, he went to Lyon for making researches about anatomy, biomedicine and biomechanic where he obtained a Master degree in Biological and Medical Sciences at Claude-Bernard University. During this time, he made sevral internships in hospitals and clinics and finally found a permanent position. 


Next to his work at the hospital, Dr. Zhu kept practicing the Chinese medicine as an independent and worked in private offices. He also teached TCM at the Yang School for a while.


Indeed, his knowledge in Allopathic medicine and Chinese medicine provide him a full open-minded vision of health and the approaches to use depending of the diseases. His knowledge is prescious  and he wants to transmit it and make as much people as possible making profit of it.


With more than 40 years of experience, Dr. Zhu is a specialist of back and foot problems. He also have deep knowledges about pharmacopea and chinese ditetetics.


Now that he lives close to Geneva, he recently decided to join TMed and now works at the centre every monday. To take an appointment with our specialist, contact us !




Academic cursus

 1996-1999 : Master degree in Biological and Medical Sciences at Claude-Bernard University, Lyon (France)
1995-1996 : Continuous training in orthopaedic and trauma surgery, Marseille University (France)
1979-1984 : Student, Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Shaanxi (China)



Professional cursus

 Since April 2021 : Independent TCM therapist at TMed, Geneva (Switzerland)
Today : Practitioner in the orthopaedic surgery service, Annecy Genevois (France)
2018-2020 : Private TCM medical office, Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France)
1998-2012 : TCM teacher of the Yang School and the Qi Gong Association, Lyon (France)
1999-2017 :  Independent TCM therapist at Dr Yang Yibin Cabinet, Lyon (France)
1992-1995 : Clinical Chief of the orthopaedic and trauma surgery service MTC, Xi’an Red Cross Hospital (China)
1984-1991 : Intern in the orthopaedic and trauma surgery service MTC, Xi’an Red Cross Hospital (China)



Other titles & certifications

CEO of the International Association of Natural Healthcare
ASCA agreement (RCC number : U412763 )


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